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Candlepin Bowling Basics
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Candlepin Basics Article

Candlepin bowling games are designed to improve your overall bowling score as well as your ability to knock down pins in high-pressure situations. Candlepin bowling differs from regular bowling in that you use three balls per match, and the balls have no finger holes. In addition, when a candlepin bowling pin is knocked over, it is not removed from the field of play. As a result, it is more difficult for players to knock down all 10 pins at once.

Basic Game

This candlepin bowling game will familiarize you with a standard 10-frame game. Stand at the top of the lane with a candlepin bowling ball in your throwing hand. Candlepin bowling balls are smaller and lighter than regular bowling balls. As a result, it is harder to get large amounts of force behind the ball.

Play 10 frames, throwing the ball three times per frame--or less if you knock all the pins down. During the last frame, if you happen to bowl a strike or spare, you are rewarded with two additional throws. According to Bowl Candlepin, any shot that rebounds off an object and knocks down additional pins after making fair contact with the pins will count in your official score.

Short Game

This candlepin bowling game is designed for players who are looking to play a shortened version of the full bowling game. Grab an opponent or create a team for two-on-two action. 

Using basic candlepin bowling rules, play a match with only five frames. Turn the fifth frame into the final frame, adding bonus shots and points for anyone who scores a strike during this final frame. Playing shortened frames puts you in more high-pressure situations, which will improve your clutch bowling. Candlepin bowling short games are also good for players who are strapped for time and looking to get in a quick game.