Imperial Bowl Inc
555 Dalton Avenue
Pittsfield, MA 01201
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Imperial Bowl has been Family Owned and Operated for over 30 years!


Robert Ireland Sr. purchased Imperial Bowling Center in 1977.  In 1987 he moved his establishment to its present location at 555 Dalton Ave in Pittsfield, MA.   Robert operates Imperial Bowl Center along with his wife and both of his children.

Robert is a retired professional bowler who has an outstanding dedication to futhering the sport of candlepin bowling.

Robert Ireland Sr. accolades include:

1984-1993 President of the Western New England Candlepin Association (WNECA)
1978-1990 WNECA Pro Tour Director
33 TV Appearances
203 Career High Single
475 Career High Triple

Imperila Bowling Lanes

Imperial House Records


  • Single:             192 - Robert Ireland Sr.
  • Triple:              468 – Dan Myrick
  • 5- String:         735 – Scott Whitney


  • Single:             185 – Karen Mallory
  • Triple:              421 – Karen Mallory
  • 5-String:          652 – Sharon Rawson
Mixed Doubles: 1354 - Karen Pere & Steve Vadney